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French girl.

Serial Shipper.

Boardwalk Empire, Bored to death, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Haven, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Once upon a time, Orphan Black, Parks and recreation, Primeval, Supernatural, True Blood, Twin Peaks, Vikings (...)

Also : Zombies, Dinosaures, Jane Austen, Mojitos, Star Wars, Steampunk, Super Heroes, Period dramas, LOTR, Books, Food, and too many other things...

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once upon a time

Marilyn by Ben Ross in 1953.


Marilyn by Ben Ross in 1953.

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marylin monroe


Pride and Prejudice (1995) + Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

Colin Firth as Fitzwilliam Darcy + Mark Darcy

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colin firth mark darcy fitzwilliam darcy pride and prejudice bridget jones diary
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parks and recreation

Daryl Dixon; s1-s4

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the walking dead daryl dixon

FANGIRL CHALLENGE: [10] tv shows
↳ 1. Game of Thrones

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game of thrones

Getting Game of Thrones was amazing. I was 13, on holiday in France, and my mum woke me up saying "Morning Sansa!" I burst out crying and jumped in the pool.

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sophie turner


And I called your name,

My cocaine
↳ Stephen King

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stephen king


"My favorite philosophy is to treat everybody in life with dignity and respect.  It once was that actors were beggars and thieves, but they now they are idolized.  I personally see no difference in anyone.  We are all the same and should be treated the same accordingly." (X)

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mads mikkelsen


Lea Seydoux and Michael Pitt for Rag & Bone Fall 2013

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michael pitt lea seydoux

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