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inglorious basterds
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parks and recreation andy dwyer april ludgate




positive lady characters meme | Martha Jones + powerful/feminist moment

I was 900% prepared for her to flip the bird for science in this scene like oh here’s the bones of the finger that I use to say ‘fuck you’

hey remember when we used to have companions who were actualized individuals and not just puzzles to be solved

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doctor who martha jones

Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer in Sense and Sensibility (1995)

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sense and sensibility


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what maisie knew


Sleeping Beauty (1959) 

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sleeping beauty

We’re all going to hell.

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true detective


I’ll never be a star. I’m a demi-star.

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gemma arterton

“I found something inside myself.  Something incredibly heroic.”

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guardians of the galaxy star lord peter quill




I love Wonder Woman for what she embodies/represents. She is my favorite DC female and superhero. 

Wonder Woman is wonderful.

don’t even front like some of these didn’t make you shed a tear

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wonder woman diana prince

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